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We have a wide variety of core sizes and accessories to choose from 
to make just about any style or size you may need.  

Just click on one of the core part numbers to see a picture of 
the core and detailed information about the specific core.

Part # core description Height tube
overall outside
tank to tank
with cooler
tank to tank
342-I 2 row 19" 16" 19"x19.5" 19"x20.5"
342-D 2 row 23" 17" 23"x21" 23"x22"
342-B 2 row 19" 18.5 19"x21.5" 19"x 23"
342-24 2 row 19" 19.5" 19"x23.5" 19"x25.5"
342-C 2 row 21.5" 20.5" 21.5"x23.5" 21.5"x24.5"
342-R 1 row 19" 23" 19"x26" 19"x27"
342-A 2 row 19" 23" 19"x26" 19"x27"
342-AA 2 row 16" 24.5" 16"x27.5" 16"x28.5"
342-28 2 row 19" 24.5" 19"x27.5" 19"x28"
342-E 2 row 19" 28" 19"x31" 19"x32"
342-J 2 row 18" 32" 18"x35" 18"x36"

Temp sensors


Custom Ford


Jeep Wrangler w/ Chevy Small Block

I now have the custom aluminum radiator, that you built for me, installed.
This is one of the few products that I have purchased, that actually works
as described. It is installed in my 1983 Jeep CJ-7 and it is cooling a TPI
350 with a 700R4 transmission and A/C.  I would venture to say, if this
radiator would not keep your engine cool, then nobodys would. This time of
year, the high temperature runs 100 Degrees every day and when your factor
in the heat index, it is from 105-115 degrees.
The electric fan works great!
I have made several references to your company on the Jeep message boards
on the Internet. I hope you don't get  too overloaded with orders.
Keep up the good work.
Steve Evans



JEEP C.J. w/ Chevy Small Block

Bryan and Renae,
I would just like to thank you again for being such great people to work with. It seems it is rare this day and age to find people and a company that offers such outstanding service and products. I do appreciate everything the two of you have done to help me on my projects.
Thank you again,
Mike Yates



Custom Aluminum Radiators

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