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The Howe aluminum racing radiator was introduced in 1984 as an affordable alternative to existing copper and brass radiators.  Though it has seen many improvements in manufacturing processes the fundamental advantage of the Howe radiator has remained constant.  The highly efficient tube to fin bond in the Howe core provides for maximum heat transfer and dissipation.  The Howe radiator is typically much cooler than a flux bonded aluminum core and eminently cooler than copper and brass.

Howe radiators are all aluminum with no epoxy.  There are over 80 different standard styles and sizes available.  Howe radiators are 100%  TIG welded by hand by experienced craftsmen for exceptional quality and appearance.  Each radiator is pressure tested and guaranteed against manufacturing defects.
Custom and After Market Aluminum Radiators

With the growing popularity of the Internet and its improved communications we are offering Internet Sales direct from Bryan McCulloch Fabricating at Custom Aluminum Radiators. Greatly improving communication, you are talking directly to your radiator builder.. FAX us your sketch at  928-681-6717.

We now have a manufacturing plant in Kingman AZ. Your standard racing radiators are still made in Michigan at Howe Racing. The Custom Radiators are made at our new plant in Arizona

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Bryan McCulloch and Chas Howe at Auto City 1986
Mike Eddy 1985
Two row Aluminum Verses 4 core
Important Note: Each 1/2" tube loses 20% of its contact area due to the end radius.
The lost fin contact area on each 1" tube is only 8% of its area Plus the flow rate in Aluminum is much greater.
Custom Aluminum Radiators
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